Reducer M50 (M) x M40 (F)


Raxton Exd/Exe Reducers effectively reduce the threaded entry diameter of an enclosure to accept a gland or fitting with a smaller thread. Reducers may also be supplied to accept smaller glands of alternative threads.

Following the basic rules in line with good engineering practices, no more than one Reducer should be used at any one time. Stopping Plugs should be fitted directly into unused entries of the equipment and not into a Reducer.

Metallic Reducers are supplied with a hexagonal head as standard. Where space is a critical factor. Reducer with a cicular head can be offered with a diameter equal to the A/F dimension of the hexagonal head.

Nylon Reduces are Exe only and designed with a circular head. Exe Reducers are supplies fitted with an 'O' ring to maintain the IP integrity of the installation.

Raxton Reducers are marked with the applicable approval number and size. Independently tested to IP68.